• toe "Our Latest Number" Asia Tour 2019

    Japanese math rock titans coming back to Kuala Lumpur!


    Japanese instrumental rock band returns!


The final movement turned out to be the most cinematic; projected visuals of oil rigs on fire as the band thundered on with “World Police” in the foreground, their music a fitting soundtrack to civilizations set alight. And when the show finally ended, it became clear that this was not a show per se. Each show is a tour de force by itself, an unearthly cathartic experience that only Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and only them, can execute. – bandwagon.asia (24.04.2013)

Sitting down was more than prodigious mid-set – gallant efforts from fans to get up and move prior to this remained ignored but not without prevail. Soon after it was like a domino effect. Once one started to get up and progress from the layman two-step, the rest began to join the bandwagon and before you could tell,
there was already a makeshift dance floor in front of Tycho filled to the brim. Officials were flustered;
all that pent up energy radiating from the crowd just couldn’t be contained. – svanapaper  (20.01.2015)

The band received a standing ovation (it was a sitting gig, by the way) as they ended the encore.
And to prove our point on the inspiring bit, the guitar nerd-types that flock post-rock gigs immediately rushed the stage as soon as the band stepped out, simply to snap pictures of the band’s gear. – Juice Malaysia (26.01.2017)