The final movement turned out to be the most cinematic; projected visuals of oil rigs on fire as the band thundered on with “World Police” in the foreground, their music a fitting soundtrack to civilizations set alight. And when the show finally ended, it became clear that this was not a show per se. Each show is a tour de force by itself, an unearthly cathartic experience that only Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and only them, can execute. – (24.04.2013)

Sitting down was more than prodigious mid-set – gallant efforts from fans to get up and move prior to this remained ignored but not without prevail. Soon after it was like a domino effect. Once one started to get up and progress from the layman two-step, the rest began to join the bandwagon and before you could tell,
there was already a makeshift dance floor in front of Tycho filled to the brim. Officials were flustered;
all that pent up energy radiating from the crowd just couldn’t be contained. – svanapaper  (20.01.2015)

The band received a standing ovation (it was a sitting gig, by the way) as they ended the encore.
And to prove our point on the inspiring bit, the guitar nerd-types that flock post-rock gigs immediately rushed the stage as soon as the band stepped out, simply to snap pictures of the band’s gear. – Juice Malaysia (26.01.2017)

‘Hey Dude’, ‘Sound of Drums’ and ‘Tattva’ were the first familiar hits that got the crowd off to a frenzy of synchronised jumping and twirl-y hands in the air. JUICE went nuts when they suddenly broke into a cover of bi-polar singer-songwriter Daniel Johnston’s ‘True Love Will Find You’. With lyrics as simple as “Don’t be sad / I know you will / Don’t give up until / True love finds you in the end”, Kula Shaker took the acoustic folk song and redid it with their typical love-vibe and rolling basslines. Excellent! – Juice Malaysia, 09.08.2010